Preparing Your Media Intelligence Team For Success in 2022

Brian McCarthy
4 min readMar 30, 2022


In the Media Intelligence industry, the success of every business relies on great team performance. That’s why employee training & onboarding has been increasingly taking center stage.

Media Intelligence Team Training

From media insights, to publication scanning and sales — every employee makes a contribution to your overall success. The better that each team member can perform, the greater the success the business can achieve.

For the world’s leading Media intelligence firms, employee training has become a key competitive advantage. As studies have shown, by preparing employee’s for success, business not only boost productivity but also improve staff retention & team motivation.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 things that can be achieved through better training & knowledge sharing:

1. Systemise your departments & processes

From media analysis to customer service and sales, every department has optimal procedures for success. How this system works is unique to each business and it relies on key staff knowledge. One of the most powerful actions you can take to systemise your business is to document your business in an interactive way.

Historically, shared google documents have often been used to try and do this but with limited success. Today we understand that procedures only add value if they are interactive. Actually helping employees to do their best work while achieving business outputs.

Business systemisation be done quickly by using the right tool to create a searchable library of interactive procedures, checklists & tutorials.

It’s also vital that procedures / checklists are executable — meaning that rather than simply reading procedures — team members can actually assign tasks to each other and track their shared progress.

“Make it easy for your employees to do a great job, and you make it easy for great work to get done”

2. Implement a light-weight training system

Staff onboarding has the power to improve employee productivity, while also saving valuable time for managers & HR. Statistics show that employees who experience an organised onboarding flow, achieve competence up to 34 times faster than their peers.

The great news is that setting up an onboarding system can be surprisingly fast and easy to do. Once your onboarding system is established, you’ll save time on every future employee that you hire. You’ll also benefit from a workforce that is more productive, more effective and better prepared to succeed in their work.

3. Clear communication & vision

In the Media Intelligence industry internal communication is important for success. With so many changes in technology, customer expectations and market forces, it’s important that your team members understand the reason why they are working hard.

By setting and sharing a clear vision for your business, you will provide clarity, improve culture and help to motivate your team.

4. Provide a digital knowledge hub for your team

‍Studies show that employees lose and average of 14% of their working time, just to searching for knowledge that already exists within the business.

By providing a shared digital library you can centralise and share core work knowledge with your teams. A digital library is especially valuable for teams that work across multiple countries or locations — helping to ensure continuity in your business.

Resources to include in your digital resource library can include:

  • Company manual
  • ‘How-to’ guides for specific tasks
  • Remote working guidelines
  • Training guides
  • Annual leave and HR information
  • Company policies (COVID-19 & I.T etc)
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Helpful videos
  • Resource downloads

5. Always remember: The decision you make today, will grow your business tomorrow

There is a wise old saying that: “the best time to plant a tree was 5 years ago…”.

Employee training & onboarding has the power to transform business performance. This is especially true in the Media Intelligence industry where so many employees must come together every day, to achieve success.

The most important step in the team training process is the first step. By being proactive and implementing some of the above actions, you can make decisions today that will help to grow your business tomorrow.

About the author:

Brian McCarthy is the cofounder of WorkPilot. He has extensive experience in the media intelligence industry, including across media insights, sales, marketing and management.

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