So your best employee just quit… Now what?

What would happen if your best team member quit today… How much knowledge would walk out the door with them, and how long would it take to onboard their replacement?

Knowledge-loss is one of the most sudden and greatest costs of staff turnover. Negatively impacting everything from individual & team performance to overall business output. So, how can you avoid losing core knowledge with every team member that leaves?

At WorkPilot, we’ve built a simple solution that tackles this exact problem. WorkPilot makes it easy for anyone to create & share Virtual Training Manuals for anything — fast. Making it possible to quickly capture important knowledge in your business, before it’s lost.

How it works:

There are 3 quick steps to protecting and systemising your company know-how.

1: Launch a free WorkPilot account.

Visit and create your free account

2: Document High-Value Team Knowledge

Capturing your team’s most valuable knowledge is the name of the game. The most important step is to get started and once you’ve begun you’ll be surprised how quickly key knowledge can be saved. A great approach is to:

  1. Ask your team members to list the main tasks that they perform
  2. Next, highlight the activities that are most important / sensitive for your business
  3. Next, using WorkPilot team members can quickly create reusable checklists & micro tutorials that explain how their most important task are carried out. This is simple to do and no technical skills are required :)

Overall, knowledge capture is a fast process that can be easily added to over time, creating a powerful library of company knowledge to power your team and business.

3: Finally, Leverage Your Team Knowledge

Congratulations! You now have a searchable & growing library of key business knowledge that can be leveraged by staff. You have total control and can decide who can view and access specific content and checklists.

It’s also possible for your team members to collaborate in-platform, using checklists to assign tasks to each other and even tagging each other with specific knowlege.

That’s it! In 3 steps you’ve just protected your business against core knowledge-loss, while also making it easy to onboard future staff. Not bad for a few minutes of work :)


About me:

Hi there, I’m Brian the cofounder of :)

WorkPilot makes it easy for teams to capture & share their most important knowledge. If you’d like to connect please feel free to reach out.




WorkPilot makes it easy to create a Virtual Training Manual for anything, Fast!

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Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy

WorkPilot makes it easy to create a Virtual Training Manual for anything, Fast!

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