Your Team Has an Expensive Problem…

Remote work, high staff turnovers and patchy onboarding means team knowledge loss is at an all time high.

We’ve all experienced the headache of organisational knowledge-loss. It’s the painful experience of searching for internal knowledge that should be easy to find. Or the lost know-how whenever a key team members quits.

Knowledge loss is really expensive…

Microsoft dug into the knowledge-loss problem and discovered that an average employee loses 11% -14% of their time just to searching for and recreating existing business knowledge. That’s the equivalent of 7 extra weeks of work a year, per employee. The rise in remote working has only amplified the problem, removing the option for workers to swing by a colleagues desk to ask for help or guidance.

How teams are impacted

At WorkPilot we performed our own research uncovering a range of common problems experienced by employees, including:

  • Important knowledge is usually siloed within employee’s minds
  • Losing a key team member means losing key knowledge
  • Poor work handovers negatively impact team performance
  • Poor employee onboarding negatively impacts team productivity

How WorkPilot is Solving The Problem 💡

At WorkPilot we’re on a mission to simplify team knowlege sharing. We’ve built a platform that acts as a digital training manual for businesses, making it easy to capture and share knowledge fast.

What sets WorkPilot apart is that every team member can contribute their knowledge to a shared library. Creating reusable processes, tutorials and shareable knowledge that can exchanged between colleagues at the touch of a button.

Team members can collaborate in-platform, rapidly sharing their expertise & tasks to achieve better results.

If you’d like to try WorkPilot you can launch a free account here to see how easy it is capture and share your team’s knowledge :)

WorkPilot in 60 seconds:



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